Helping those in need around the world


The Thalassaemia Project

Over 200,000 children like Aaminah suffer from thalasseamia in Pakistan.

Qurbani Project

It is Wajib upon every adult Muslim who is able to afford it, to give Qurbani. The Beloved Prophet SAW gave Qurbani. Giving your Qurbani to those who deserve it.

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Ramadhan and Eid Gift Pack

For as little as £50.00 you can provide a family with an Eid Gift Pack. This pack will provide a family of five to with food on Eid and for at least a further 10 days.

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Water For Life Project

The water pump project allows you to help in restoring water pumps and lines so that many local villages can benefit from clean water, which saves lives.

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Sponsor a Haafidh

The Bismillah Charity since 2006 has been sponsoring children to become Hafidh E Qura’n. Many have qualified and are now teaching others the noble Quran.

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Sewing Schools

Our aim is to be able to teach widows and young females how to sew so that they may be able to generate a source of income for their families.

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Mehria Education Centre

Education is the key to success of any human and nation. Pakistan sadly greatly lacks the skilled schools and education required in this modern age.

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