Mehria Education Centre

Education is critical to the success of individuals and society.Sadly Pakistan greatly lacks the schools and educational resources required in this modern age.

In this technological era, computer equipment and computer literacy are essential skills in the working environment. On average a government school in Pakistan with 500 children will have around 10 computers if they are well equipped, this is simply not enough.

With this problem in mind The Bismillah Charity set out to build a state of the art computer school in a poor village in the province of Punjab.

Alhamdulillah with your kind dua’s and Allah’s (swt) blessing, Mehria Education Centre is now complete and open. Once fully functioning the school will run a full primary syllabus and a reception year class.

We urgently need funds to equip the school with computer and educational equipment. Join us in this noble project by donating.

Help us build a better future for the children of tomorrow.

Help sponsor a child or teacher today, from £200 per year to give a child the vital education he or she needs in order to develop.

Help us give them live a normal life, something which every child deserves.