The Thalassaemia Project

Thalassaemia is a life threatening blood disorder which can result in death if untreated.

Sadly many lives are lost every year in Pakistan due to people being unable to treat or pay for treatment and medication.

Treatment is available, but it is very expensive and out of the reach of the poor and deprived people of Pakistan & Kashmir. Children from families who cannot afford this expensive treatment become much sicker over a shorter period of time and at times die a painful death due to lack of treatment.

In 2011, The Bismillah Charity launched the ‘sponsor a child scheme’.

Alhamdu’ Lillah this has grown year on year and we are currently sponsoring around 50 children in various clinics in Pakistan. We 
aim to increase this figure by the end of 2014.

Our Charity team has just returned from Pakistan from a successful charity tour of our Thalassaemia centres and we are very pleased to inform our donors that your contributions and sponsorships are helping those most in need. All children sponsored are doing well 
with their treatments and are extremely grateful for your support.

Cheques amounting to around 2 million Rupees were given to the Fatimid Centre in Karachi and Thalassaemia Centre in Rawalpindi. This was for a six month treatment period.


Help sponsor a child today, it costs as little as £30 per month to give a child the vital treatment and medication he or she needs in order to survive.

Help us give them live a normal life, something which every child deserves.

Your sponsorship will help pay for monthly transfusions and daily medication.