COVID-19 Emergency Relief

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Coronavirus has spread throughout the world. We are all aware of the devastating effects of this pandemic and the thousands of lives lost around the world.

Covid-19 has affected third world countries in a massive way. The biggest effect being upon those who earn and survive on a daily wage. Sadly they are unable to now feed their families, this pandemic could not have come at a worse time, in particular as it is high heat in many countries and it is the blessed month of Ramadan.

The bismillah charity has already provided emergency relief by means of food packs in various parts of Pakistan and mainly in the poorest parts of the Sindh province where they are already suffering from extreme heat.

We have already distributed hundreds of Emergency Family Food Packs which help a small family with food ration for the whole month in particular during the month of Ramadan.

We NOW urgently require your support to help us in further assisting those most in need. This includes widows and small children.

Help us support these families in this extremely difficult time when there is no work or source of income.

We would like to send further aid before Eid to assist the poor families and help them to be able to have some joy on the blessed occasion of Eid

A Covid-19 Eid Food Gift Pack costs ONLY £25.00

It Provides the following items,

  • Fresh chicken 2 KG
  • Flower/ Ataa 10 KG
  • Sugar 2 KG
  • Rice 3KG
  • Oil 2 KG
  • Lentils 2 KG
  • Saveyyan/ Vermicelli (2 Packs)
  • Sweets
  • Juice / Sharbat Bottle